In these stage times it is great to sea the spirit of co-operation that seafarers are known for alive and well. The following article by IIMM president Capt. Dermot Gray give the full details. Well done to Irish Lights, NMCI and the team on board Granuaile.

Cadet Ship – ILV Granuaile – Dermot Gray

The Corona Virus pandemic has caused major disruption to our industry in many ways.  We have had to adapt to keep ships and all associated activities operating so that supply lines remain open. We are in un-precidented times where we have had to devise plans and contingencies to help all personnel associated with shipping protected from contracting the virus. 

The pandemic has also disrupted the training of seafarers. Most Officer Ranks are affected by this disruption as sea time cannot be accumulated for those who were at home when the pandemic was announced, and International travel restrictions put into place.  

We have seen that Cadets who were at college or at home on leave when the pandemic emerged cannot get placements on board many ships due to International travel restrictions. Cadets are the lifeblood of our industry and are our successors and a major disruption to their progression is also a concern for the future. 

The Commissioners of Irish Lights have recognized this problem. Their Aids to Navigation Vessel, ILV Granuaile, has the accommodation, layout and capacity to carry additional Cadets. With ILV Granuaile exercising COVID precautions and rigorous adherence to such precautions it was decided that Irish Lights would help get National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) unsponsored Cadets through their sea time requirement. Irish Lights collaborated with NMCI and arranged to place 8 Cadets on board ILV Granuaile to help them complete sea time requirements. There were already 3 Deck Cadets on board ILV Granuaile and a further 4 Deck Cadets and an Engineering Cadet joined the ship at Rushbrooke on Wednesday 24th. June. 

Study plans and work schedules have been devised for the Cadets by Ships Officers so that the Cadets get maximum “on the job” experience and maintain college work during their time on board. 

It could be said that ILV Granuaile is the first “Cadet Ship” in Ireland. 

Cadets currently on board ILV Granuaile.

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