The Master Mariner competition is an annual event for Ventures (15 to 17 years old) & Rovers (18 to 26 years old), first held in 1995.

The event is supported and sponsored by the Irish Institute of Master Mariners (IIMM). Capt. Dermot Gray, Master of ILV Granuaile, is also President of the IIMM. Commissioners of Irish Lights graciously offered time on board ILV Granuaile to the winners of the 2022 Sea Scouting Ireland Annual Master Mariners competition. The ship visit was deemed an excellent opportunity to promote sea-going careers to young people. 

Unlike other competitions in Sea Scouting, the event is an individual one, with all participants completing all elements. While a Sea Scouting event, it is not restricted to Sea Scouts. All Scouting Ireland members are welcome to participate.

The event format has varied over the years, with the current event format including practical boat-handling, desktop navigation exercises and research project elements. It also sometimes includes unmarked experiences, such as a simulator exercise in the National Maritime College in 2015, the familiarisation exercise on a Dublin Port pilot boat in 2021 or the meteorology checkpoint hosted by Met Éireann, the National Weather Service, and in 2022, a visit to ILV Granuaile

This ship visit was awarded to the winners in recognition of their outstanding performance in the competition.

Capt. Dermot Gray welcomed the winners on board and gave a brief introduction about ILV Granuaile, and then gave a comprehensive tour of the ship from engine room to bridge including working decks, holds and heli-pad. The winners were given the opportunity to pilot our Deep Trekker ROV. The tour concluded in the conference room with light refreshments were served and a pictorial presentation was given on the work of Commissioners of Irish Lights and the various operations, which ILV Granuaile is and has been involved with.

The Sea Scouts really enjoyed their experience onboard ILV Granuaile and their leaders stated that is was marvellous to see the theory which Sea Scouts learned put into practice.

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